Télébec, keeping pace with your aspirations!

Personal growth
Looking for something better? For career challenges that are tailored to your ambitions? For a competitive, yet human work environment? For stimulating professional horizons? Télébec offers all that.
Enlarged image of the map Wide open spaces…
If you've always wanted more space, more time, broader horizons… Télébec offers all that.

It's all in the family
Of course, not all our employees are alike. But whether they work in customer service, or in technical or administrative positions, all are dedicated to the company's growth, which is why Télébec is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Québec.
Why choose Télébec?
  • Working at Télébec is an opportunity to be part of a company that is developing new horizons for its personnel.
  • We offer major professional challenges in a cutting-edge industry, in an environment that favors optimal quality of life, with a focus on motivation, innovation and integrity;
  • Our salaries are competitive, based on merit, and include a comprehensive benefits package;
  • We value skills development, personal growth and excellence;
  • We offer equal hiring and promotion opportunities for qualified persons. Télébec subscribes to the principles of employment equity.