Télébec's commitment to humanitarian and social causes reflects its concern for helping the people it serves, and for maintaining and possibly improving their quality of life.

Humanitarian Spirit

Almost 20 humanitarian organizations benefit from the generosity of the Fonds des œuvres communautaires des employés de Télébec (FOCET). The annual fundraising campaign always manages to exceed the objectives set by FOCET, which is thus able to contribute considerable support to the most underprivileged in society. For example, the 2000-2001 edition of this heart-warming campaign raised nearly $30,000, which was shared among 17 humanitarian organizations on Télébec territory.

In addition, our administrative offices in Bécancour and Val-d'Or are used for different phonathons, telethons and other events, in particular, the Téléthon Jean Lapointe, the Cerebral Palsy Telethon, the Telethon of Stars for research into children's diseases, the Téléthon de la Ressource d'aides et services pour personnes handicapées de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the Association des handicapés de Val-d'Or and Héma-Québec. Many Télébec employees are volunteers for these activities.

Environmental Protection

Télébec is concerned about preserving the natural resources on its territory and contributes to research into new solutions in the environmental field. Télébec formally committed itself to work toward sustainable development by signing the Environmental Charter of the North American Telecommunications Industry on October 12, 2000. The first Bell subsidiary to adhere to the fundamental guiding principles of the North American industry, Télébec thus crowned 10 years of sustained efforts. Whether it's by recycling paper and metals, eliminating greenhouse gases, recuperating batteries from telephone exchanges, recuperating used oils from its vehicles and generators, or respecting a minimum distance between telephone poles and wetlands, Télébec takes concrete steps to demonstrate its profound respect for its environment.

Beautification of Heritage Sites

Respectful of the sites that have made history on its territory, Télébec, in partnership with Hydro-Québec and Bell Canada, contributed to the implementation of a program to bury the distribution systems of municipalities concerned about preserving their heritage sites. The aim of the program is the harmonious integration of public utilities in locations that are considered community treasures. The company also agrees to other, less costly solutions with municipalities on its territory, such as relocation, or network modifications.

Community Involvement

Télébec and its employees' involvement in their local communities is consistent with the company's self-appointed mission to participate actively in the economic, cultural and social development of its territory:

  • As part of Opération Nez Rouge, besides making sure that partygoers get home safely during the Holiday Season, Télébec volunteers also raise funds which go, notably, to the pediatric department of the Centre hospitalier de Val-d'Or. The company also sponsors several other groups of this kind on its territory.

  • La Guignolée des Médias brings together Télébec employees and members of the local Val-d'Or media, who go door-to-door collecting clothing, foodstuffs, toys and money for donation to disadvantaged families in the community.

  • As for the Opération paniers de Noël in Bécancour, the employees' generosity over the years has been endless: the Christmas baskets are readily filled to bring a little comfort and cheer to the less fortunate in the region.

Blood Donor Clinics: A Life-giving Activity at Télébec

The blood drives organized every year by the Bécancour and Val-d'Or employees attract about 800 donors, for whom the gift of blood is also the gift of life. Now a well-established tradition, Télébec employees have made the annual blood donor clinics a standing appointment - with life itself !