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IP Relay service Registration Form

IP Relay service is a free service available to all Télébec phone subscribers. You must have a valid wireline phone number with Télébec or with another provider on Télébec territory to subscribe to IP Relay service by the means of this form.

I read and accept the Service Limitations. IP Relay service is similar to Bell Relay Service but has important differences which may affect the way you use it.

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* What type of phone line do you have?
a Télébec residential phone line
a Télébec business phone line
a phone line with another provider on Télébec territory

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Please, make sure that the above e-mail address is valid since you will receive your IP Relay registration confirmation, including your identification number (ID), to this e-mail address.

Security Ques:
For a security reason, we provide you with a “question” and a secret “answer”. When you access your IP Relay user profile the first time, you will have to modify them for a question and answer only you will know.

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