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1.How to subscribe
2.Subscription modification
3.Change email address
4.Paperless bill
5.Subscription fee
6.Effective date
7.Receiving email notification elsewhere
8.New Télébec customer
9.Change telephone number
10.Electronic payment methods
11.Paperless bill and monthly inserts

1. How can I subscribe to E-Bill?

Go to the "E-Bill" section and click on the "Subscription/Modification" option. The system will ask you to authenticate your identity as a Télébec customer. Consult Support on Authentication for more details on this topic.

After the authentication step, you will have access to the E-Bill and Paperless Bill subscription screen. You will need to give us your email address so we can send you an email message each month advising you that your bill is available for viewing on this site.


2. I am subscribed to E-Bill. Can I subscribe to Paperless Bill later?

Yes. You can return to the "E-Bill" section of this site at any time to change your subscription choice.

You may also cancel your subscription to E-Bill or Paperless Bill at any time through the "E-Bill" section by clicking on "Subscription/Modification". The system will ask you to authenticate your identity as a Télébec customer.

After the authentication step, a screen will appear and offer you the option to unsubscribe.


3. My email address has changed. How can I advise you of this change?

Go to the "My email address" section. After the authentication step, you will be able to change your email address.


4. Will I still receive a bill in the mail if I subscribe to E-Bill?

Yes. You will continue to receive the original telephone bill by mail each month. Only if you subscribe to Paperless Bill will Télébec stop mailing your bill.


5. Is there a fee for subscribing to E-Bill and Paperless Bill?

No. It won't cost you a cent to subscribe to or use these services. However, you must make sure that your computer has all the necessary software applications for viewing your bill on line; i.e., Acrobat Reader and a browser that accepts 128-bit encryption.


6. How soon after I subscribe will I receive my first E-bill?

To find out, look at the "billing date" in the top right-hand corner of your telephone bill. A few days after that date, Télébec will send you an email message advising you that your bill is now available for viewing on this site.

If you subscribe to E-Bill on a date that is too close to your billing date, you might only receive our first email notice the following month.


7. Can I receive the E-Bill email notice at work?

When you subscribe to E-Bill, you must give us an email address where we can send you a message each month. You enter the email address of your choice.

If you wish to receive the email notice at work, because you have a specific email address in your company, you may enter this address. In fact, you can enter a universal email address (like Hotmail) that can be accessed from any computer.

You can change the email address you give us when you subscribe at any time through the "My email address" section.


8. I am a new Télébec customer and I sent you a request for a new installation two days ago. Can I subscribe to E-Bill immediately?

Yes. You can subscribe to E-Bill immediately. The system will ask you to authenticate your identity as a Télébec customer. You will need the five-digit access code from your telephone bill.

Since you have not received your first bill yet, you must call a Télébec Customer Service agent so you can get your access code. You will then be able to subscribe online. When the system asks you to authenticate your identity as a Télébec customer, enter your telephone number, your access code, and a personal identification number (PIN) of your choice.

Once you have registered online, you will receive your first email notice a few days after your first bill is issued. If you have not chosen the Paperless Bill option, you will also receive your telephone bill by mail.


9. If I change my telephone number, must I subscribe to E-Bill again?

You must speak to a Customer Service agent to change your telephone number (without moving). When the agent processes your account, he or she will ensure that your E-Bill subscription remains active on your account, unless you request to have your subscription cancelled.


10. If I subscribe to Paperless Bill, how will I be able to pay my bill if I no longer receive a copy in the mail?

Although you are authorized to print out your e-bill on your computer at home, you may not use the printout of your e-bill to make a payment at the bank or attach it to a cheque you mail to Télébec.

Consequently, if you subscribe to Paperless Bill, you must use one of the following payment methods:

  • Télébec's Preauthorized Payment (find out how to register for this plan);
  • Payment by telephone through your financial institution;
  • Payment by Internet through your financial institution.
  • Payment by credit card on ("Pay my bill/balance" menu).


11. If I no longer receive my bill by mail, then I will no longer get the flyers that are inserted with my bill. How will I get this information?

You can view the monthly inserts at any time in Acrobat Reader format (PDF) in the "View My Bill" section. The system will ask you to authenticate your identity as a Télébec customer to access this information.


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